Programming, Rendering and Website Portfolio

My strengths are Javascript and PHP, as well as web based audio frameworks - such as Web Audio API. I have experience with microcontrollers and microprocessors (products from Arduino and Raspberry PI) having created an Ambilight and a QLab MIDI Controller with these technologies. Additionally I have a good grasp of more traditional programming languages such as C, C++, and Python. I stretched my craft to rendering and ultimately feeding my passion for art by learning and working on works under my own name.

Below are some projects I have worked on.

Animations (2015-Present)

I have created a number of animations. I began working with Blender's 3D Creation Suite, recently however I have been using its Video Editing capabilities explicitely for stop motion using Generative Art. It is currently painstakingly long to implement a short animation so I am working on a macro to reduce the menial task of rendering single frames and bridging them on Blender.

Nike Speed Run at Harrods, London (2015)

This event was to promote Nike Zoom's at Nike's Harrods store. The concept was to promote an immersive product which customers could use to test the new Nike Zoom's by going through a speedrun with obstacles. The speed run was implemented using an Arduino microcontroller, 2 infrared sensors and a MIDI controller that sent information to DMX.

I was given just over a week to program the speed run’s functionality and graphical user interface that was displayed on two televisions as well as triggering beams parallel to the speedrun in realtime. The speed run was tested in the warehouse where it could be debugged. Data that was interpreted by the Arduino was then sent to Python that displayed a graphical interface (GUI) with Nike’s logo – recommended by the client.

Keyeory - Web Audio Application (2016-Present)

For my final year, to get a better grasp of the future of audio on the web, I created a web application. The app uses Two.js and is intended to produce flow and immersion within the GUI. The audio processing is achieved by HTML5's Web Audio API. I hope the synthesiser and sampler helps beginners achieve a better understanding of synthesis and music theory.

Lee Anthony Garden Services (2016-Present)

Lee Anthony Garden Services is a garden company based in Hampshire which I designed and developed using HTML, jQuery and PHP.